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Thank you for visiting our website. As you may already know, Victor has left us for good in September 2016. Casa al Sole remains closed until the formalities of his succession have been dealt with. Please visit us again later.
Get there by plane

The closest airports to Casa al Sole are the ones of Florence and Pisa, which are 105 and 155 road kilometers away, respectively.

Flight schedule of Florence
Flight schedule of Pisa

The easiest way to get from these airports to Casa al Sole is to rent a car.

Routing aiport Florence - Casa al Sole
Routing airport Pisa - Casa al Sole
Get there by car

Routing from selected towns to Casa al Sole:

Amsterdam (1464km)
Basel (727km)
Berlin (1319km)
Brussels (1290km)
Frankfurt (1056km)
Geneva (685km)
Hamburg (1509km)
Cologne (1216km)
Copenhagen (1714km)
London (1652km)
Lyon (809km)
Milan (386km)
Munich (731km)
Paris (1218km)
Stockholm (2362km)
Stuttgart (965km)
Vienna (932km)
Zurich (677km)

Calculate the routing from your place to Casa al Sole:

Your place: 
Get there by train/bus

Distances and times are similar to the ones by car. The closest train station to Casa al Sole is the one of Florence. From there, the bus service of SITA takes you to Colle di Val d'Elsa.

Florence Main Station - SITA bus terminal
Time table Florence - Colle di Val d'Elsa

Since there is no public transport on the remaining 41km to Casa al Sole, we will pick you up at Colle di Val d'Elsa for the fee of 50.
You may enjoy a pefect holiday at Casa al Sole without the use of a car. However, if you plan to explore the surroundings, you will soon notice that a car comes in handy; so much the more as public transport is poor in the area.
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