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Thank you for visiting our website. As you may already know, Victor has left us for good in September 2016. Casa al Sole remains closed until the formalities of his succession have been dealt with. Please visit us again later.
There is hardly any other region on the globe where art and culture can be experienced in such richness as in Tuscany. It is the very cradle of Renaissance and the starting point of the modern era as such. It is here where our western civilization and culture have their roots. With every single breath you suck in history as far back as the Etruscans, the mysterious people whose culture was thriving long before the Roman Empire. Travale and the Casa al Sole are located in the middle of the hills called “Colline Metallifere”, named after the metal ore that is contained in their rocks. Mining has had its importance in the area since Etruscan times. The locals have been living on it for centuries. Their vestiges can be visited at the Mining Museum of Massa Marittima. Not far from the Casa al Sole are the enigmatic ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano with its mighty Gothic Cathedral of the 13th century. Wherever you go, you will encounter important testimonies of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance such as the fortified villages of Radicondoli, Belforte, Chiusdino or the charming townlet of Massa Marittima.
It is always rewarding to spend some time on the Piazza
del Duomo, to stroll through the narrow alleys and to climb
the ramparts and enjoy the great views over the expanse of
the Maremma and the Mediterranean. Other interesting destinations for day trips include Volterra, San Gimignano
and Colle di Val d'Elsa. Siena is an absolute must. Its Piazza del Campo is unrivalled, not only on the occasion of the Palio, the craziest horse race in the world that takes place twice a year. Whoever suffers from being away from the big city,
can reach
Florence and its famous museums in under an
hour. To amateurs of modern art, we recommend the
sculpture gardens of Niki de St.Phalles in Capalbio or those
of Daniel Spörri near Arcidosso. Bargain hunters can indulge in their passion on the many local markets and serious shopping freaks will get their money’s worth in the elegant boutiques of Florence or Siena. The Geothermial Museum of
illustrating the production of electricity from terrestrial heat and the Pinocchio Park of Collodi are some more of the uncountable choices available.
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